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Welcome to PHP Mission!

Welcome to our website. This site is to spread the word of the server-side scripting language known as PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor). We aim to cater for all PHP users - from newbies to seasoned professionals. For the newbies we have introductory PHP tutorials available (to the left). We are a relatively new site (having opened to the public on the 10th of February 2008), although we will add more PHP tutorials up whenever possible. If you've been using PHP for a while, and you wish to help us out, please considering writing some PHP tutorials, which will be fully credited to you.

Recent News

Forums Removed - 11th Jan 2010

Because of continued abuse by spammers, I've removed the forums from this site. Sorry everyone, but the effort of keeping spammers at bay is too much to cope with.

Tutorial 7 now out - 6th November

Tutorial 7 - on PHP While Loops is now available.

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Tutorial 6 now out - 31st March

Tutorial 6 - on PHP Switch Statements is now online.

Tutorial 4 and 5 now out - 22nd June

Tutorial 4 - on PHP operators - and tutorial 5 - on if statements - are now out! Sorry for not updating this website for a few months, although this have been hectic. Either way, I'm back to get things up and running again.

We welcome any suggestions you may have to improve this site. Please feel free to Contact Us with any comments of suggestions you may have.